Sawing the branch that you sit on

That’s what it felt like.  The little building was the only structure with air conditioning and was pulling the insulation out of the walls making my environment too hot to tolerate.  I took a push mower this trip because my first night needed to be in a tent and the weeds were where I needed to be.


Jeffs5I knew the house was going to need a cleaning before I could sleep there and sure enough it was pretty bad when I got inside.  Nature tries to reclaim this property in short time.  There were some unhappy spiders but the one that stung me between my toes got the last laugh.




This is what stage that I am in.  All interior tongue & groove has been removed as has most of the wiring.  Now I have removed almost half the insulation from the walls. The lamp just came from my mother’s house.  I couldn’t pass it on to a stranger.

It looks cleaner in the pictures but the screen house was hung to shelter me from the insects.